“Hydrogen water helps to prevent geriatric diseases”

Nov 30, 2016, 08:00 am

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During the Korea International Hydrogen Conference held in COEX, Seoul, on Nov. 25, Prof. Shigeo Ohta said, "Through clinical tests, I've learned that hydrogen has a positive effect on heart disease, brain disease and diabetes."/ Photographed by Park Sung-eun

By AsiaToday reporter Park Sung-eun - The Korea International Hydrogen Conference 2016 was successfully held at COEX, Seoul, on Nov. 25, with an audience of around 400 people including scholars who study hydrogen. The purpose of the conference was to deliver the right knowledge of hydrogen and provide academic research results for industrial development.

The academic conference gained a lot of attention due to the attendance of numerous internationally renowned researchers, including Korea's hydrogen water expert Lee Kyu-jae (President of the Korean Water Society and professor at Yonsei University), Dr. Kunimoto Hotta (Chief director of the Japanese Functional Water Foundation), Prof. Shigeo Ohta, Prof. Chin Xu-kun (Organizer of China's hydrogen water conference), and Dr. Tyler LeBaron.

The conference shared and reviewed the latest findings in depth, including the effects of hydrogen on treatment of disease. During the lectures, some attendees took photos of the screen with their mobile phones.

An official of a Chinese trading company who visited the venue said, "I've heard that hydrogen water can prevent aging and diseases, so I have been interested in this field for four years. The conference was an opportunity to enhance understanding of hydrogen water and related industries."

"The results of clinical trial showed that hydrogen water, which is functional water, reduces reactive oxygen species (ROS) that contribute to aging, and is effective in the treatment of diseases such as atopic dermatitis and dementia. When children with atopic dermatitis took hydrogen water bath , their condition improved in two months. Korea has entered a stage where elderly people drink hydrogen water," said Lee Kyu-Jae, President of the Korean Water Society.

"We selected 20 adults aged 30 and over and allowed them to drink either purified water or hydrogen water. The survey found that the level of ROS of those who drank purified water remained same while those who drank hydrogen water saw ROS level decrease within a minute. Long term intake of hydrogen water, which is proved to be safe and to have antioxidant effect, helps restrain aging and prevent chronic diseases such as cancer and dementia as well as geriatric diseases," Lee added.

If ROS are generated excessively in our body, they attack normal cells causing chronic diseases and become a major contributor to aging and other various diseases such as cancer, diabetes and dementia. About 90% of the modern diseases are known to be associated with ROS.

Prof. Ohta said, "After publishing a paper on the biological effects of molecular hydrogen in the Nature Medicine in 2007, I have been studying hydrogen. Through clinical tests, I've learned that hydrogen has a positive effect on heart disease, brain disease and diabetes."

Natural hydrogen water-containing premium bottled water Haru 2.0 and Su+.

Japan has already formed hydrogen water market that worth 30 trillion yen (about 333.5 billion won), accounting for more than 10% of the total value of Japan's bottled water market. There are nearly 400 studies on the effects of hydrogen water issued by universities and research institutes in the country. Japan's hydrogen water market is rapidly expanding as conglomerates are entering into the market and celebrities are drinking hydrogen water actively.

In Korea, 20 to 30 companies are participating in the hydrogen water market. In Korean market, hydrogen water beverages are divided into plastic bottles, pouches and cans. Hydrogen water brands include Haru 2.0, Su+, few, Anydoctor, and more.

While only artificial hydrogen water was available in the Korean market, natural hydrogen water was found last year from natural bedrock water from the depth of 870 meters in Taean, gaining much attention from academia. On March 22, AsiaToday launched premium bottled water Haru 2.0, which contains natural hydrogen water from Taean region. 

Dr. Tyler LeBaron said, "In the US, the hydrogen industry is in the early stages. But within the next five years, I believe that development process and speed will be unpredictably fast. The academia and companies should work together to inform people about health benefits and positive effects of hydrogen and to develop related industries."

Co-hosted by the Korean Water Society and International Human Olympic Committee, the Korea International Hydrogen Conference was held from 10 am to 6 pm.

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