Ha Ji-won promotes her new film character for “Life Risking Romance”

Nov 18, 2016, 06:00 pm

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Actress Ha Ji-won promoted her new film character.

On November 17, the actress posted a picture on her Instagram, and wrote, "This is mystery novel author Han Jae-in from 'Life Risking Romance'."

In the picture, Ha Ji-won is smiling in front of 'Life Risking Romance' poster while holding a book entitled 'Psychology of Murder'.

Previously, Ha Ji-won attended a press conference for upcoming movie 'Life Risking Romance' held at CGV Apgujeong in Seoul, where she opened her thoughts on being entangled in President's 'Secret Garden' controversy, which involves President Park who had been attending a medical facility under the fake name Gil Ra-im, which is the name of Ha Ji-won's character in drama 'Secret Garden'.

Ha Ji-won said, "Actually I was having dinner while watching JTBC's News Room. I was shocked when I heard the name Gil Ra-im."

She continued, "Gil Ra-im is a character that me and many people still love to this day. I hope you look forward to Han Jae-in from Life Risking Romance because she is a character that is as lovely, strange, and adorable as Gil Ra-im."

She wittily said, "I hope the name Han Jae-in will not be used."

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