Comedy film “Luck-Key” hits 1 million mark in three days

Oct 16, 2016, 05:57 pm

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Comedy film "Luck-Key" has sold 1 million tickets in just three days of opening. The rate can only match those of "Inside Men," the most-viewed Korean film released in autumn, and "Jeon Woochi: The Taoist Wizard," the comedy failm that reached the one million mark the fastest.

While "Jeon Woochi" was released in winter that is a peak season for the film industry, "Luck-Key" attracted audience because the movie itself is fun and starring actor Yoo Hae-jin is a trusted actor among moviegoers.

Starring Yoo Hae-jin and Lee Joon, the movie is about a charismatic killer who loses his memory after slipping and banging his head on the floor. After the memory loss, he believes that he is a no-name actor.

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