Andy Lau denies rumors of his wife giving birth to second child

Sep 30, 2016, 08:39 am

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By Hong Soon-do, Beijing correspondent, AsiaToday – You shouldn't believe in anything simply because it is rumored and spoken by many. Besides, it's hard for women to get pregnant and have a baby in their 50s despite rapid development in medical science. It has been confirmed on Wednesday that the recent rumors of the wife of Andy Lau, one of the biggest male superstars in Hong Kong, giving birth to a second child in secret are completely groundless.

Andy Lau flatly denied the recent rumors of his wife giving birth to a second child. The rumors were found untrue. / Source: Sina


According to the September 28th report of Sina, the largest Chinese-language web portal, Andy Lau seemed to have spent a lot of time to find a solution as the rumors were spreading fast. Then he finally decided to respond to the rumors that his wife Carol Choo secretly gave birth to his son in her 50s. On the same day, the superstar attended a press conference for upcoming film directed by Wong Jing, and said, "I'm telling you that the rumors are absolutely untrue." He added that he is not planning to have a baby anymore, shutting down baby rumors. 

Andy Lau had been followed by homosexual rumors and reports once. Many people doubted that he did not get married because he was a gay. Fortunately, these doubts were dispelled to some extent, when he married Carol Choo in 2008. Then the doubts disappeared completely when Andy's daughter Hanna was born in 2012. It seems true that you must pay the price if you want to be famous. Considering Andy's constant gay rumors and baby rumors, it really does.

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