Celebrity manager denies divorce after allegedly stealing boss’s wife

Sep 01, 2016, 08:00 am

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By Hong Soon-do, Beijing correspondent, AsiaToday – Chinese actor Wang Baoqiang, who jumped to stardom after appearing in Chinese version of “Running Man”, is enjoying tremendous popularity these days. The number of his fans increased explosively after Wang made a surprise announcement saying that he was going to file for divorce from wife Ma Rong and accused Ma of cheating on him with his manager.

Wang’s immense popularity is expected to continue for a while with the torrent of the divorce scandal news. This seems because the scandal involving Wang, his wife Ma Rong, his manager Song Zhe, and Song’s wife Yang Hui shows no sign of settlement. Most of all, while it seems Baoqiang and his Rong are going to split, property division between them is not going to be settled easily.

Besides, there are doubtful aspects to the relationship between Ma Rong and Song Zhe. There were rumors that the two purchased a house as if they were going to live together, but then Song denied it suddenly. Song changed his words saying that he doesn't want to divorce his wife. If this is true, he is a shameless fellow.


Song Zhe's wife Yang Hui made her first public appearance to attend the divorce trial on August 29. She reportedly expressed her determined will to divorce her cheated husband Song Zhe./ Source: Beijing Youth Daily

On the other hand, Song Zhe's wife Yang Hui, who filed a suit for divorce, is firm with her decision. According to the August 30th reports of Chinese media outlets including Beijing Youth Daily, Yang Hui raised her voice in the court house in Bejing's Chaoyang district on August 29, saying, "I will divorce. Song Zhe should let me go." Her lawyer submitted the relevant evidence of Song Zhe and Ma Rong's love affair to the court.

Looking at the current situation, Wang Baoqiang and Ma Rong would divorce by mutual agreement without much difficulty. However, the divorce trial between Song Zhe and Yang Hui may take much time considering Song's attitude. His selfish attitude is just staggering.

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