Haru 2.0, the new US FDA-approved premium mineral water

Jun 23, 2016, 07:48 am

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Premium mineral water 'Haru 2.0'

Taean (Chungnam) AsiaToday reporter Park Sung-eun - While drinking healthy water has become a growing trend, AsiaToday has launched its premium mineral water.

In commemoration of the 24th World Water Day on Friday, AsiaToday unveiled Haru 2.0, the new premium mineral water that helps to maintain your health and wellness.

Haru 2.0 is slightly alkaline natural bedrock water, containing natural hydrogen and minerals extracted from the depth of more than 800 meters of Taean, one of the cleanest regions in Korea.
The premium mineral water contains natural iodine component that is known to neutralize radioactive material cesium, and is beneficial for maternal health. Moreover, it contains a large amount of 20 different rare natural minerals such as zinc, vanadium, selenium, magnesium, and germanium that it is expected to attract consumers who are looking for healthy water.

In addition, it is slightly alkaline, with a pH between 7.5 and 7.8, which is known to be effective in aiding digension and improving overly acidic conditions that most people today suffer from. It's made up of small water particles that enables fast absorption into the body.

Approved by US FDA, Haru 2.0 has been recognized for its value as it has been selected as "Korea's Good Water Beneficial for Atopic Dermatitis 2012."

The name of the brand, "Haru 2.0", means drinking two liters a day is good for your health.

AsiaToday plans to diversify its product lines covering both regular and premium mineral water due to increasing demand for mineral water.

For more information, please visit its website (http://www.haru20.com).


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