[3min.talk] What if a new president candidate of Republic of Facebook emerges in Korea?

Jun 07, 2016, 11:42 am

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Prof. Emanuel Pastreich:
I wrote an article recently, which was published on Huffington Post, declaring of my presidency, my candidacy for president of Facebook. (http://www.huffingtonpost.kr/emanuel-pastreich/story_b_9352392.html)

It was an humourous article. however humorous as it was, it had a deeper implication to it ,which is to say, that the future of Facebook and the way that it's run is something that we should think about more seriously.

At present, Facebook itself is run by a corporation, Facebook Inc., and it's not possible for us as a participants to offer an ideas about how Facebook is developed, about the design, or administration of their of, and there is something that would be not fair about that.

After all, we, as participants, are creating the contents and developing Facebook itself. So it doesn't really belong to any one group, or company. It belongs to all of us.

And if we can fully realize the potential of Facebook, we can move it to next level of development.

That is to say, that Facebook today has become the history’s first truly global network in which of people come together to share their interest, to exchange their opinions and to develop the new ideas and new potentials.

But it's designed for profit organization, not really to facilitate collaboration and that is where the issue lies.

Which is to say, in the future, Facebook really needs to be about individuals and communities, individuals not as products, not as customers, but as citizens.

It will be the commitment to make Facebook better, and to work together with each other, with experts, scientists, administerators, artists, and ordinary citizens to address together for the issues of our time, from climate change to the discrepancy in income, to also serious issues that humanity now faces as a whole to create a true global village. Perhaps Facebook is the best place to start.

If we can run Facebook as a community, I think that means we can run this world as a community that we can reinvent from the bottom up ourselves.

Moreover, speaking here in Korea, I'd like to note that the first effort to develop and online social community started here, the Cyworld, and that perhaps somewhere in Korea is sleeping the potential for new generation of social networks which involve not customers, but rather citizens of the earth.

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