LG to launch scholarship quiz show in an attempt to target India‘s smartphone market

May 09, 2016, 08:00 am

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Kim Ki-wan (third from the left),Managing Director at LG Electronics India, and Ravi Shankar Prasad (fourth), Communicationsand Information Technology Minister of India, are showing smartphones at the'K10' and 'K7' launch event held in New Delhi, India, on April 14./ Source: LGElectronics India


By Ha Man-joo, India correspondent, AsiaToday - LG Electronics is planning to launch a scholarship quiz show in India starting next month.

On May 8, a source from LG Electronics India told AsiaToday, "LG Electronics has launched a scholarship quiz show for high school students to enhance the corporate image of LG Electronics in the Indian market."

The preliminary rounds of the quiz show, where high school students representing their schools will participate as contenders, will take place in 12 to 13 cities in India. The winners of the preliminary rounds will be qualified for the nationwide finals. The quiz show will be broadcast on television. The final winner will receive a tuition and entrance scholarship and get an opportunity to tour Google headquarters in California.  

Kim Ki-wan, Managing Director at LG Electronics India, attends the ''Trade and Investment Promotion Meeting 2016" held in a hotel in Haryana, India, on March 31./ Photographed by Ha Man-joo


Since 2000, LG Electronics has been sponsoring scholarship quiz shows in Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Russia, Kazakhstan, and India. Its quiz show is especially popular in Vietnam and Philippines.

Its quiz show in India has been stopped until recently, and will be resumed in June. This is one of the company's big plans to regain its market share that fell down to 0.4% in the mobile phone market. The company once enjoyed its leading position in the market along with Nokia.

LG Electronics will hold a launch event for G5 in either New Delhi or Mumbai on May 25. Last month, the company has launched its budget-friendly smartphones, K7 and K10, in India.

The official said, "Thanks to their excellence of design and camera performance, the K10 and K7 are being shipped on a daily pace of 1,000 units. The G5 is also expected to be sold three to four times more than its predecessor."

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