Beijing Auto Show 2016 kicks off

Apr 26, 2016, 08:16 am

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Hyundai, Kia unveil new models, Ssangyong also gears up to focus on China

By Hong Soon-do, Beijing correspondent, AsiaToday - The 14th Beijing International Automobile Exhibition, also known as Auto China 2016, has kicked off with a bang! Famous car makers have come to Beijing to join the auto show in order to conquer the world's largest car market. The 10-day auto show is scheduled until May 4 and the first two days of the show are reserved for the media personnel. This year, it is expected to draw 1 million visitors.

The China International Exhibition Center (CIEC), where the openingceremony of the Beijing Auto Show 2016 took place./ Source from Hong Soon-do.

According to Beijing automotive industry insiders on Monday, about 2,500 carmakers and parts companies participated in the event. A total of 1,170 cars will be displayed, and Korean automakers including Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group and Ssangyong Motor unveiled many new car models.

Hyundai booth. Hyundai Motor unveiled China-only version of Verna at theBeijing show./ Source from Hong Soon-do

The biggest feature of this auto show is that a large number of cars targeting China's young drivers in their 20s and 30s have been showcased. Considering this situation, Hyundai Motor also unveiled a China-only version of its Verna subcompact car, which is still in the concept stage.

Lee Byung-ho, head of Hyundai's joint venture Beijing Hyundai, said, "Hyundai aims to showcase its innovative vehicles and new lifestyle based on Hyundai Motor's own philosophy of mobility and eco-friendly technologies at the Beijing auto show."

Kia booth. Kia unveiled its new K3 compact car and the Niro hybridcrossover SUV at Beijing auto show./ Source from Hong Soon-do

Kia also showed as quick movement as Hyundai Motor. It unveiled its new K3 compact car and the Niro hybrid crossover SUV for the first time at this auto show. Kia showcased a total of 14 cars, including K Series - KX3 Turbo, K9, and K5 Hybrid. Kia's Niro hybrid crossover's own hybrid-only engine and transmission and its strong yet sophisticated design attracted young Chinese journalists.

"Niro has Kia's original design philosophy. It is strong yet modern and sophisticated. Besides, it's environmentally-friendly," said Kim Kyeon, head of Kia's joint venture with its Chinese partner.

It seems Ssangyong Motor Co. has also prepared itself in this auto show. It unveiled Tivoli Air compact sport utility vehicle. The company plans to increase sales with an aggressive marketing strategy in the Chinese car market, which is expected to maintain its high sales growth.

Mercedes-Benz booth. The companyrevealed 'the New GLC Coupe' for the first time in Asia./ Source: Hong Soon-do.

Honda unveiled a high-riding crossover UR-V in the auto show. Volkswagen unveiled a new luxury plug-in hybrid SUV concept and Mercedes-Benz revealed 'the New GLC Coupe' for the first time in Asia.

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