LG attempts to kick slump with G5 in China

Apr 13, 2016, 08:00 am

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LG's G5 will be sold through Jindong Mall, the second largest electronic commerce company in China.

By Hong Soon-do, Beijing correspondent, AsiaToday - LG Electronics is attempting to kick its recent slump and ambitiously gearing up to pass Great Wall of China with new weapon called G5. So far, the reaction to the G5 has been explosive. The company is confident it can recover lost ground even in the white goods market at once.  

LG Electronics' China operations chief Lee Hye-woong and Jindong mobiledivision vice president Hu Shengli are introducing LG's G5 at the launch eventheld at Jindong Mall headquarters on April 11, 2016./ Photographed by HongSoon-do

Such outlook is not an exaggeration considering the fever of LG's G5 launch event, which was held at Jindong headquarters in Beijing on April 11. The event was held after LG signed an exclusive sales contract of G5 with Jindong Mall, the second largest e-commerce company in China. Industry officials and influential newspapers' reporters covering smartphone news flocked to the launch event and showed explosive reaction towards the first ever modular smartphone. Moreover, the participants couldn't stop praising the G5 that has completely different functions than other existing smartphones, showing a positive sign that the sale of G5 will be exceptional. Li Biao, a smartphone lover and head of an electronic store in Bejing's Zhongguancun, said excitedly, "I was well aware that LG G5 has become a big hit in the United States. No wonder it's popular. When I got to experience the phone after the launch event, I was left amazed." 

Participants are experiencing LG G5 inthe Product Experience Hall at Jindong Headquarters. In general, they gavefavorable comments./ Photographed by Hong Soon-do

Hu Shengli, Vice President of the Mobile Division at Jindong Mall, seemed to be full of confidence for the quality of the product. He said, "I attended the launch of the LG G5 at MWC 2016 held in Barcelona, Spain, last February. At the time, I felt that it was completely different. Through this product, Chinese customers are also able to experience various things." He expected that the G5 will soon create a sensation in the market.

In fact, the G5 seems quite different in a lot of ways. It features a unique modular design that lets users slide out the phone's bottom to not only swap batteries, but plug in a high quality camera shutter unit, an audio unit, and other accessories - friends, LG calls them - as well. It also has a wide 135 degree lens so you can fit more into the photo.

The G5 has been available in China for pre-order since April 11. Just like Samsung Galaxy S7, the G5 is priced at 4,888 Yuan (KRW 880,000) - twice that of Xiaomi's and other existing smartphones. In response, Lee Hye-woong, head of LG Electronics' China operations, confidently said, "The G5 was designed to reflect smartphone users' desire for fun. LG's smartphone business in China has not been successful however, the G5 will become a megahit." It seems LG will soon recover from its long slump in China.

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