Kahi takes a picture with fiance before leaving for Hawaii

Mar 19, 2016, 09:01 am

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Former After School member Kahi shared a picture with her fiance.

On March 18, Kahi posted a picture on her Instagram, and wrote, "Hello. This is my husband-to-be."

"Many of you were surprised to hear the sudden news, right? We were setting the date and preparing for the wedding when reports came out without prior notice. I'm really sorry to all acquaintances and fans for not informing you first."

She continued, "We will be holding a small wedding in Hawaii. I feel sad and sorry for not being able to spend our happy day in Korea with many people. But we have come to make such decision since we share similar thoughts, feelings, and everything else. I'll be grateful if you wish us safe travels and congratulate us. We will spend a happy life together. Big thanks to be everyone who has sent us their best wishes. I can't wait to go to Hawaii!"

Meanwhile, Kahi will be tying the knot with Yang Joon-moo, CEO of Incase Korea.

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