Xi Jinping likely to take further actions against his predecessors

Jan 06, 2016, 08:30 am

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By Hong Soon-do, Beijing correspondent, AsiaToday - After calling for more anti-corruption efforts at a meeting of the CPC Central Committee's Political Bureau in the end of last year, Chinese President Xi Jinping is likely to take more active actions to fight corruption. In some cases, his sword of inspection could be pointing at his predecessors' factions. "

Jia Ting-An, a longtime secretary to former Party leader Jiang Zemin, was accused of corruption last November. This case shows that the sword of inspection is pointing at former top leaders./ Source from search engine Baidu

Such assertion is not an exaggeration considering the rumor that Jia Ting-An, a longtime secretary to former Party leader Jiang Zemin and deputy chief of the PLA General Political Department, is currently under investigation after being arrested on corruption charges last November. According to recent reports of Hong Kong media outlets including monthly magazine  Chengming and Beijing source on Tuesday, Jia Tiang-An was charged with a whopping eight offenses, including embezzlement of public money, and improper relations with several women. If the charges are found to be true, it could inevitably strike a fatal blow to him as well as former party General Secretary Jiang Zemin. This seems why he resisted violently before being arrested and asked for a phone call with Jiang Zemin persistently. Currently, Jia Ting-An is reportedly placed in Miaofengshan of Beijing where PLA Army Rocket Force's recreational center is located, for intense inspection.

In an internal meeting back in February last year, Xi had said no one was immune from punishment, unlike in ancient times when emperors often granted their family members or favored officials exemptions from legal penalties. He said, "Under the rule of law, no one should have the wishful thinking of being pardoned, as there is no such thing as 'dan shu tie quan' or 'tie mao zi wang'." The phrase "dan shu tie quan" refers to a certificate granting its holder immunity from punishment. "Tie mao zi wang" translates literally to mean an "ir0n-capped king", referring to those who enjoyed such privileges.

Considering that former Chinese president Hu Jintao's closest allies have been already purged last year, such assertion that the sword of inspection will point at former party leaders is quite convincing.  

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