Korean games looks for a breakthrough in India

Dec 21, 2015, 09:06 am

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Funizen founder Lee Joo-min says, "We plan to launch 50 Tizen games next year. Korean games will be dominating the Indian market."
Lee Joo-min, founder of Funizen, had an interview with AsiaToday in a hotel in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, on December 19. He said, "Funizen plans to launch at least 50 Samsung Tizen games in the Indian market next year."/ Photographed by Ha Man-joo

By Ha Man-joo, India correspondent, AsiaToday - Korean games are preparing to enter Indian market. It seems India will likely to be a new breakthrough for the Korean game industry, which is already a red ocean in Korea.
Lee Joo-min, founder of Funizen, had an interview with AsiaToday on Saturday in a hotel in Bengaluru of Karnataka, India, and said, "Funizen plans to launch at 50 Samsung Tizen games in the Indian market next year. There is small number of registered games in the Tizen appstore, and the Indian gaming market is in the beginning state. Therefore, world-class Korean games could dominate the market."

Funizen is a company that explores, publishes, and distributes games. Lee said, "Currently, Android game market in Korea is in difficult situation therefore hundreds of game developers can hardly stand up in the market except those few big game companies that can invest heavily. More than 1.3 million units of Tizen smartphones have been sold, and there is a great potential for growth in the next year. Therefore, the Indian market will be a new breakthrough for Korean games."

He said, "The Indian market has a great potential, but there is no decent game publisher. There are only about 200 developers, and they are far behind Korean companies. We plan to introduce casual games, rather than high-quality or high-spec games next year."

Lee said that discussions are taking place with Tizen smartphone maker Samsung Electronics to some extent. He said the recent visit of 10 gaming companies along with Korea Creative Content Agency to India was sponsored by Samsung Electronics.

He said, "Samsung makes smartphones better than Apple, yet it has been lagged behind because it did not have its own operating system (OS). Therefore, the importance of Tizen will increase as time passes. Korean games are likely to be preloaded on Tizen phones in the future."

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