Top Korean companies‘ promotional strategies in India

Oct 12, 2015, 08:50 am

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Samsung, LG, and Hyundai Motor target 30% sales growth during India's festive season.
LG India launched Curved OLED 4K TVs in 55- and 65-inch class sizes in August./ Source from LG Electronics India website

By Ha Man-joo, India correspondent, AsiaToday - Top Korean consumer durable makers in India such as Samsung India, LG India, and Hyundai Motor India are expecting 25 to 30% growth in sales during upcoming festive season which starts in mid-October.

Marketing representatives of the three companies told AsiaToday on Sunday that they are expecting to achieve such goal by strengthening promotion, offering freebies, providing installment finance, and more. Besides, they believe that reduction in interest rates by banks followed by the Reserve Bank of India's (RBI) interest rate cuts in September, will encourage consumer confidence.

Samsung India is focusing on sales of large curved TVs. Rishi Suri, Product Marketing Head CE at Samsung India, said, "We will spending more on promotion than last year to push sales of curved TVs. We will increase sales by launching two new TV models in the 40 inch and 50 inch segment while maintaining robust sales of 32 inch segment." Samsung is also planning to strengthen TV advertisements and hold sales promotion events. Through this, it is expecting up to 30% jump in sales during the festive season.

LG India is planning to strengthen promotion activities for home appliances as well as mobile phones.

"We are expecting 20 to 25 percent growth this festive season," LG India Head Corporate Marketing Niladri Datta said. LG is planning to hold sales promotion events for OLED TV, smart TV, dual door refrigerator, washing machine, and mobile phones.

Hyundai Motor India is expecting 25% growth in sales during the festive season as compared to last year through discounts, compensation sale, lower interest rate, and more.

"We are strengthening promotional activities for the festive season through newspapers, and more. We are offering discounts, compensation sale, and we are offering freebies like gold bars," said Ahn Young-jin, sales and marketing division chief coordinator of Hyundai Motor India.

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