Samsung‘s strategy: “Make for India”

Sep 09, 2015, 08:40 am

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Samsung goes further by not just making in India but making for India.
Hong Hyun-chil, president and CEO at Samsung India Electronics, introduces a product at official launch event of the Galaxy Note 5 in New Delhi on Monday./ Photographed by Ha Man-joo

By Ha Man-joo, India correspondent, AsiaToday - Samsung India is making frequent mention of "Make for India". It's the company's slogan that goes a few steps further from the Modi government's 'Make in India' initiative to create jobs and promote manufacturing development in India.

Samsung India emphasized 'Make for India' again at the official launch event of Galaxy Note 5 at New Delhi on Monday.

Hong Hyun-chul, Samsung India's President and CEO, said, "All of our smartphones are made in India for India. This is the contribution of Samsung for "Make in India."

"The government's 'Make in India' is a great one, but at Samsung, we go a few steps further by not just making in India, but making for India," said Asim Warsi, Samsung India's Vice President, Marketing, IT & Mobile.

Samsung Electronics is running two plants in Noida and Chennai, employing nearly 8,000 Indian workers.

Warsi said, "We have a great affection for Indian consumers, and we have a perfect value chain ranging from design to research to development and to manufacturing that fully reflects their needs and aspirations. Our three R&D design centers in India are in charge of this."

Manu Sharma, Mobile of Samsung Electronics, said, "Functions like Live Video Broadcast and Video Collage were created by the R&D team in India."

Samsung is running 'Smart Classes' at over 200 Navodaya schools across India as a part of its corporate activities. More than 160,000 students have benefited from this initiative. The company plans to add another close to 200 'Smart Classes' more this year.

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