India meets K-Pop stars

Aug 31, 2015, 09:00 am

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K-pop artists and fans say "Thank you" to each other at the 4-day K-pop festival in India.
Indian fans are holding placards with "Thank you for coming" written on them at "Feel K-POP" concert held on Saturday at the Sirifort Auditorium in New Delhi, India./ Photographed by Ha Man-joo

By Ha Man-joo, India correspondent, AsiaToday - Indian fans held the signs reading "Thank you for coming" written in Korean at the "Feel K-POP" concert, which was held at the Sirifort Auditorium in New Delhi, India, Saturday. It was to express their gratitude for the first official K-pop concert held in India and to show their hopes of holding another K-pop concert soon.

K-pop artists including Teen Top, ZE:A J, 100%, BESTie, Almeng and ImFact were deeply moved by their fans' explosive response, stating, "Thank you for inviting us." Some singers, who visited India for the first time, said, "We were surprised to find such an enthusiastic audience."

K-pop fans said, "We didn't know that a K-pop concert would be so impressive." The meet between K-pop stars and Indian fans showed a typical example of successful relationship.


Indian fans shout out, "We Love K-pop," right after the 'Feel K-POP' concert is over./ Photographed by Ha Man-joo

Deeply impressed by the concert, fans couldn't make their way home from the concert venue. About 30 minutes after the concert, nearly 20,000 fans shouted out at the auditorium lobby, "We love K-pop," and called out the names of the K-pop performers.

In a 15-question survey conducted by the Korea Cultural Centre India, fans answered that the fan base of Korean culture, such as drama and pop music, is growing, and will continue to increase if a concert like this is held again soon.

The two most hottest K-pop stars that Indian fans hope to see were EXO and BIGBANG. However, Indian fans were touched by simply experiencing K-pop in India.

K-pop stars responded with special 'fan service'. Teen Top held a fan signing event in a hotel in India on August 29. Nearly 150 fans who made advance reservations attended the event. ImFact performed with Frozen Crew, the winner of K-pop contest India 2015, at the Feel K-POP concert. ZE:A J even gave a lecture on Korean.


Indian journalists attend a briefing session entitled, "This is K-pop" and K-pop performance held at New Delhi Press Club on Thursday./ Photographed by Ha Man-joo

The "Feel Korea" festival was held as three-day event on August 27 to 30. The Korean Embassy in India and the Korea Cultural Centre India held a briefing session entitled "This is K-pop" and a concert introducing the K-pop music at the New Delhi Press Club on August 27. Performers of the concert were K-Pop contest participants from India and Nepal. Journalists were impressed by the K-pop performance by amateurs.

Rahul Jalai, President of the Press Club, has offered to hold a showcase to introduce Korean culture, such as Korean food, tourism, and more. A journalist said, "The performance is excellent. I see Korean culture's humanity, and above all, love and friendship for India." Another journalist said, "It was a good opportunity to know the excellence of the Korean culture."

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