Samsung India confident about Galaxy S6 Edge+ outlook

Aug 21, 2015, 09:00 am

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[Interview with Samsung India IT & Mobile Vice President Asim Warsi] "Galaxy S6 series received enthusiastic response from consumers."
Asim Warsi (right), Vice-President, Marketing, IT & Mobile at Samsung India, with Manu Sharma, Director, Mobile at Samsung India at a press conference for Galaxy S6 Edge+ held in a hotel in New Delhi on Wednesday. The photo above is taken with Galaxy S6 Edge+./ Photographed by Ha Man-joo

By Ha Man-joo, India correspondent, AsiaToday - Asim Warsi, Vice-President, Marketing, IT and Mobile at Samsung India, said, "With Indian consumers highly praising its large display, high resolution, and dual curved display technology, we are confident that Galaxy S6 Edge+ will be a sales hit in Indian market."

In an interview with AsiaToday at a hotel in New Delhi on Wednesday, Warsi said, "The enthusiastic response from Indian consumers towards the S6 series released back in April was a totally different thing compared to other S family series released before. It was shown in consumer response, pre-orders, and sales."

Warsi refused to disclose the market share in the Indian mobile and smartphone markets. However, he said, "Indian consumers have witnessed and experienced a tremendous change of design innovations, technical perfection, luxurious finishing following the release of the S6 series." He added, "Galaxy S6 Edge+, which will be released on August 28, will have an exciting journey in India."

On August 4, Warsi revealed that Samsung's market share in the Indian smartphone market has crossed 40 percent by value propelled by sales of its S6 series.


Samsung India officials are posing at a press conference for Galaxy S6 Edge+ held in a hotel in New Delhi on Wednesday./Photographed by Ha Man-joo

Samsung India held a set of press conferences on Wednesday and announced that Galaxy S6 Edge+ will be priced at Rs 57,900 (KRW 1,050,000) and will be available in gold and silver colored variants, starting on August 28. Only the 32GB storage variant will be available in India.

When asked about Apple and other phone makers joining big-screen smartphone competition, Warsi said, "Samsung is the pioneer of large-screen smartphones with its Note series in 2011, and is continuing design, technology, software innovation. For example, Samsung showcased the flexible display at the CES in Las Vegas two years ago and implemented into curved display. This is a result of constant innovation and is only done by Samsung."

He added, "We are making feature phones, too. But we are expanding our smartphone portfolio in particular, ranging from S6 series to A,E,J series to Tizen. Samsung has competitive power particularly in terms of design, R&D and production speed."

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