Samsung seeks to bounce back in China market

Jul 22, 2015, 01:14 pm

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Samsung Electronics is planning to launch a variety of new smartphones this year
A mobile phone store in Haidian District of Beijing. The logo of Samsung Electronics can be seen clearly. It seems to represent Samsung‘s position in China./ Source: Search engine Baidu

By Hong Soon-do, Beijing correspondent, AsiaToday = Samsung is making a bid to regain its top position in China after suffering a short decline. It aims to take proactive measures to overcome tough situations and make Samsung China one of the top global companies in China, in order to secure the power to achieve its goal of $100 billion in sales.

According to Beijing‘s financial circles and Samsung China officials on July 21, Samsung China’s efforts can be certainly seen in Samsung Electronics‘ movement as it plans to release a variety of smartphones, one of its big moneymakers. Following the release of affordable handsets Galaxy J Series and A8 this year, Samsung Electronics plans to release Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and Note 5 in the latter half of the year to compete against Chinese rivals, such as Xiaomi. It seems Samsung is taking things seriously now after losing some of its market share in China. According to Samsung Electronics official, Samsung could regain its top position along with Apple if it seeks to bounce back, as local customer response is encouraging.

In fact, the reaction of the market seems to be decent. Mr. Cheontung, a customer who visited Samsung Electronics store located in Haidian District in Bejing and showed interest in Galaxy A8, said, “To be honest, who would buy Xiaomi instead of Samsung or Apple, if they cost the same? Thankfully, Samsung Electronics has released low-end products. I think it would be good for myself as well as my whole family to use it.” It seems that ICT professionals in Zhongguancun already read customers‘ minds as they expected that Samsung Electronics’ smartphones will be powerful in the second half of the year.

Samsung China‘s efforts prove to be ongoing as Samsung Electronics is topping Chinese smart TV market for the 12th consecutive quarter in the April-June period. Samsung Electronics is estimated to have garnered a 20.8 percent share followed by Hisense Co. with a 14.1 percent share. It’s definitely an overwhelming victory in the market without a rival.

Besides, Samsung Electronics‘ recent entry into the LED lighting market as well as Samsung SDI’s announcement of entering automotive battery market in China are noteworthy as well. These movements can be understood in the same context as Samsung China‘s willingness to take the leadership in the world markets to become one of the most powerful global firms in the world.

Samsung China can be seen as a global firm in terms of scale as 22 companies including Samsung Electronics and over 160 branches and subsidiaries in China are under its umbrella. Its status will rise greatly if it succeeds to regain its top position through aggressive management.

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