Han Hye-jin reveals graceful pregnancy pictorial

Jul 21, 2015, 01:43 pm

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Actress Han Hye-jin revealed her beautiful pregnancy pictorial for cosmetic brand Clarins.

Clarins had a pictorial shooting with actress Han Hye-jin for its tonic body treatment oil campaign.

Han Hye-jin has been avoiding much media exposure in order to focus on her baby and family during her pregnancy. However, she decided to do this photo shooting, stating, "I heard that Clarins recently held a good-will campaign with mother-to-be care products in order to help starving children in Africa. I want my kid to grow as a warm hearted person who cares about other people. So I decided to participate in this campaign without hesitation believing that it would be performing good deeds for mother and her baby inside together."

Han Hye-jin showed off her graceful beauty and elegance in the pictorial.

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