Jinwoon and Dasom show off their toned figures on “Laws of the Jungle”

Jul 18, 2015, 09:06 am

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2AM's Jinwoon and SISTAR's Dasom flaunted their toned figures in the jungle.

On the July 17th episode of SBS' "Laws of the Jungle in Yap", Jinwoon and Dasom showed off their toned bodies.

Dasom revealed that she loves the ocean and dreamed of exploring the ocean. She jumped into the water and drifted in the sea like a mermaid while showing off her excellent swimming skills. She also drew attention for her flawless skin and toned figure.

Jinwoon took off his shirt and walked along the sunny beach in the South Pacific, drawing admiration of Byungman Tribe for his broad shoulders and toned body.

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