Jin Se-yeon addresses chaebol rumors on “Radio Star”

Apr 30, 2015, 10:04 am

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Actress Jin Se-yeon addressed rumors that she gets to play a leading role thanks to her wealthy family background.

On the April 29th episode of MBC's "Radio Star", Jin Se-yeon appeared and actively addressed rumors of her being a chaebol.

MC Kim Goo-ra said, "Jin Se-yeon is not a stunning beauty depending on the point of view but she gets to play a leading role in daily dramas and mini-series. People think Jin Se-yeon is a chaebol and/or the daughter of a politician."

MC Yoon Jong-shin asked, "Since you got to play a leading role immediately after you made a debut, many people wonder if she has a good background."

Jin Se-yeon replied, "I was very surprised by the rumors myself. Though it was for a short period of time, I had also done secondary roles and acted out the younger versions. Maybe that's because I got to play a main role earlier than others."

When asked about her father's business, Jin Se-yeon answered, "My father is running an IT company that is not listed. I actually don't know very well."

She answered back, "Is it really possible to take a leading role for having a good family background?"

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