“K-Pop Star 4” winner Katie Kim chooses YG Entertainment

Apr 13, 2015, 09:15 am

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Katie Kim became the winner of SBS' 'K-Pop Star 4'.

On the April 12th broadcast of SBS' survival audition 'K-Pop Star Season 4', Katie Kim beat her fellow contestant Jung Seung-hwan and became the final winner of the show. She chose YG Entertainment as her agency to work with.

Katie Kim said, "I never knew such a big thing would happen in my life. I thank the judges, staffs, and bands. I also thank people who supported me. I want to thank my parents for raising me."

Regarding her choice of YG Entertainment, she said, "Yang Hyun-suk saved me and liked me during the show. I wouldn't be on live stage if he didn't save me."

Contestants Katie Kim and Jung Seung-hwan went for the finals by singing a song previously song by the opponent and a song of their choice. Katie Kim sang "I Want to Fall in Love" and "You're the One", earning praise from the judges. As a result, Katie Kim scored 296 points out of 300 while Jung Seung-hwa earned 292 points. Katie Kim also earned more votes from viewers than Jung Seung-hwan.

Meanwhile, Katie Kim won the 300 million won prize money and a compact sedan.

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