Lee Min-ho‘s international fans donate to charities

Apr 04, 2015, 10:00 am

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Lee Min-ho's international fans are donating to global charities on behalf of the actor.

Back on March, actor Lee Min-ho's agency Starhaus Entertainment received a thank you letter from a NGO building libraries in Paraguay after Lee's fans living in Paraguay donated money to deliver 2,000 children's books to the library.

Lee Min-ho's fans are doing charitable works in various ways.

In January, Lee Min-ho's Chilean fanclub 'Minoz Chile' donated 1,700 dollars to a charity in Africa - "Patagonia Compassion" - to help building a boarding school for ill and homeless children. In addition, Minoz Chile raised funds to plant hundreds of trees to form the "Lee Min-ho forest" in Chile's Patagonia region that was hit by a forest fire.

Lee's fans in China have been volunteering in earthquake-relief activities and also have been raising funds to build a library.

Lee Min-ho made a donation platform called PROMIZ and made a donation of 50,000 dollars to the affiliated organization to help digging wells in the Malawi region of Africa.

His agency said, "Actor Lee Min-ho's fanclubs' heartwarming movement has been continuing for several years. It's touching that a star and his fans' heartwarming movement is settling as a global culture."

Meanwhile, Lee Min-ho is currently reviewing for hi next project.

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