Ha Yeon-joo displays her flawless body

Nov 27, 2014, 01:53 pm

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Actress Ha Yeon-joo's latest pictorial is becoming a hot issue.

Recently, Ha Yeon-joo had a pictorial shooting for November issue of star & fashion magazine 'InStyle'.

In the pictorial revealed, Ha Yeon-joo is posing in a nude-tone outfit and showing off her flawless skin and body.

Ha Yeon-joo shared her secret to maintain her skin beauty, saying, "In my early and mid twenties, I concentrated in skin whitening. But after my mid-twenties, I naturally came to pay attention to anti-aging. Rather than using many products complicatedly, I use a product that solves both whitening and anti-aging at once."

Netizens commented, "Ha Yeon-joo looks mature", "She looks smart since she's a mensa member", and more.

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