JYJ’s ‘BACK SEAT’ is taking the music world by storm

Jul 29, 2014, 03:34 pm

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Group JYJ’s 2nd regular album ‘JUST US’ is released. 

According to CJes Entertainment “JYJ’s new regular album ‘JUST US’, which has been in three years, has topped online charts, which has brought major issues in the market.” 

Also, “After its release, not only the title song, but also other tracks included have gone to the charts, which proves its popularity. “

JYJ, a global artist, comes back with more natural and easy listening songs with the album ‘JUST US,’ reflecting their true stories.  

JYJ intended to present easy listening songs which can be heard in any place instead of fancy songs with huge impact. As like their intention, the public started being enchanted by the boys’ songs.

The MV of the title song ‘BACK SEAT’ which was released at last midnight is also catching eyes with dreamlike atmosphere and beautiful scenes that caught JYJ’s attractiveness. 

The title song that makes fans heart beat fast by JYJ’s dance has topped the charts, taking the music world by storm

Not only the title song, but also other tracks included have led stunning responses. Track, ‘Valentine’ especially was sensation due to the collaboration between JYJ and Chris Brown and its strong beat, catch chorus, sexy words with JYJ’s vocals bring a unique color, which led hot responses from the fans.

Also, Kim Jae Joon’s ‘Dear J,’ Park Yoo Chun’s ’30…’ and Kim Jun Soo’s ‘7 years old’ have received favorable comments saying that each member have brought out their best vocals to their own songs with different characters and colors.

K-pop insiders mentioned that “It has been 3 years since their last album, which made us highly expect their new album. JYJ has proved that why they can be JYJ through their only-JYJ-can-do songs. The album is expected to be a one that is loved for a long time for many people” 

Meanwhile, JYJ is going to meet 400,000 fans through 2014 Asia Tour ‘THE RETURN OF THE KING’ held in Jamsil Stadium on the 9th of August.   

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