[Interview] ‘Gundo’ Kang Dong Won “My goal was looking cool”

Jul 25, 2014, 07:16 am

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Kang Dong Won is one of a kind actor in Chungmuro. This is proved by the movie ' Gundo: Age of the Rampant'(hereinafter: Gundo) which released on 23. 

Kang Dong Won used to beloved by fans as a handsome actor shown in the movie such as 'Temptation of Wolves,' ' Maundy Thursday' 'Jeon Woo Chi,''Secrete Reunion,' and more. For this time, in the movie 'Gundo' he catches eyes with more mature acting. People give applause to him for his wonderful acting saying this is the era of Kang Dong Won.

'Gundo' is about the outlaw fight against the corrupt officials in Joseon era. Kang Dong Won played an enemy of the common people, Jo Yoon. He comes back to the screen in 4 years with the film.

"I had hard time to adjust to acting. Jo Yoon, especially is a character who does not have clear motivation as Dolmuchi(Ha Jung Woo) or even play an active role in the movie, which made me hard to express. It's been a while and I met this character. I was obviously wooden. Luckily, Director Yoon and Ha Jung Woo and other actors helped me to feel comfortable, which made it possible to build a good character," he said. 

Kang Dong Won was succeed in showing strong but beautiful action. He started practicing action 4 to 5 months before the filming to express Jo Yoon as a 'Sword Master‘ He also put his effort to meet Director Yoon's intention, such as building up his body he practiced with wooden sword.   

" The director's intention was to depict Jo Yoon as cool guy. Audiences should feel that Jo Yoon is the best swordsman and if I was not good enough they cannot really feel that way. So the action part was the most important part. In this film,  I did powerful and speedy action and I got response that it looked like a dance motion. I feel good but bad at the same time. Because I pour all my energy and people see that way. I developed 7 ways of sword cutting motion and practiced hundreds a day," he said.   

It was his first time to act with Ha Jung Woo, 'The tide of Chungmuro,' Previously, he had experiences of working with Kim Yoon Seok in 'Jun Woo Chi,' and Song Kang Ho in 'Secret Reunion.' Kang Dong Won always shows confidence in working with him not a stress.

 Kang Dong Won pointed out that the reason why audiences, directors, and producers choose him is because he does 'all in' to his work. He also addressed his ambition as an actor who can contribute to the Asian movie market. 

" I as an actor, I do live only for movies. I do not accept anything that can bother my works and audiences, directors know about that. I would like to be a recognized actor either commercially or with my acting. If I have more detailed goal, I would like to contribute to the development and improvement of Asian movie market. Many people asked whether I am planning to debut at the Hollywood, but I would more like to face the Hollywood as a Korean actor in Asian Market. My dream is to develop new genre at our own market," said Kang.

Kang Dong Won has walked as an actor without causing problems in entertainment industry where is full of scandals. At the beginning there was a rumor that he is a homosexual, but he did not even try to explain to that since it's not true. Also, he has never had a single scandals, which makes netizens calling him 'Kang Dong Won Public Property.' " I don't like it. My parents would feel sorry when hearing this, " answered with laughing. 

" Filming 'Gundo' I had talked to Director Yoon a lot because of my increased obsession. I do have sort of moral obsession, which makes me undergo pressure. 'What if I can no longer be an actor if I make little mistakes.' kind of obssession. I think I am too rigid. To get rid of stress? I love to talk to friends and directors. haha, " said Kang. 


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