‘A Queen of Korean Wave,’ Park Shin Hye Held Fan Meetings Successfully at Japan

Jul 22, 2014, 02:00 pm

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Korean actress Park Shin Hye held fan meetings at Japan successfully.

Park Shin Hye finished her tour ‘2014 Story of Angel in Japan’ on 19 and 20 at Tenjin Hall in Osaka and Yamamo Hall in Tokyo respectibly. Park Shin Hye is the first Korean actress to go on an Asian Tour '2013 Kiss of Angel'last year. She holds fan meetings for her overseas fans under the tile of '2014 Story of Angel.'

From its beginning in 2012, Park Shin Hye has held 3 times of fan meetings in Japan. This year she shared happy and special moments with her fans not only in Tokyo but also in Osaka. 


The fan meeting was organized into two parts; first part as performance and second part as talking with fans. At the first part which showed 6 songs of performances included OST from her previous TV drama shows, and the first live stages of ‘Farewell for You Not yet for Me,' 'Arm Pillow,' and recent song 'My Dear,' which were released only as sound source, which led her fans cheer loudly. 


Three songs ‘Pitch Black’, ‘My Dear,' and 'Arm Pillow’ were specially performed with a special guest Park Shin Won, her older brother and also a composer of 'My Dear.' The stage was soothed with his acoustic guitar plays, which showed off ‘talented brother and sister.' 


Park Shin Won, who is a rising composer and also as a guitar player, showed excellent guitar plays, shared episodes on her, showing his love towards his little sister, which made the fans filled with enthusiasm. Park Shin Hye also enjoyed the first stage with her brother.  


At the second part of the meeting, talking with fans, was filled with enjoyable moments; episodes on 'The Heirs,' mango juice making, catching up Cha Eun Sang and etc.  


 Even after the two hours long performance, with the last song as 'The Day of Falling love‘, which showed her loveliness, fans did not leave, shouting encore. Enchanted by her fans Park Shin Hye also could not leave the stage for a while, feeling sorry for good bye.


An involved Japanese in entertainment industry who has witnessed Park Shin Hye‘ performance was impressed by her saying "Park Shin Hye has held fan meetings three years in a row and she is the most beloved Korean actress in Japan, The stage was fully packaged with her power, efforts to get connected with her fans with new performances, her love towards her fans, and her capabilities.


On 22nd Park Shin Hye finished her Four days three nights' schedule at Japan with the interviews on 'The Heirs‘ with mass media in Japan. Park Shin Hye will go on a tour to Asian countries- Five cities in China- Shanghai, Chungcing, Beijing, Changsha and etc- Taiwan, Thailand, and Singapore.







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